Welcome to Day & Night clinic

The diagnosis of respiratory diseases related to allergy such as allergic Rhinitis and asthma and those related to smoking such as chronic Bronchitis-Emphysema, as well as breathing disorders related to sleep mainly sleep apnea, is still remaining a challenge.

This challenge is worsened by the hospital environment and the gap which usually exists between physicians and patients.

Creating a private environment instead of the public chaotic one, renders more simple, more practical and more friendly this relationship between the health provider and the patient.

The diagnosing and the treatment of the above mentioned diseases and disorders will be more efficient and more effective especially when the most sophisticated and updated medical equipment is available and applied to those patients by highly specialized physicians, and technologists.

Establishing a private specialized diagnostic clinic as our “day and night clinic” will be a great and unique achievement to our community for the present and future time.

About our mission

Diagnosis and treatment of Respiratory and Sleep Disorders.

Day and night clinic is a private specialized clinic dedicated to deliver the best care in the diagnosis and treatment of Asthma, Allergic Rhinitis, chronic bronchitis-emphysema, and various pulmonary diseases by a highly specialized team of doctors and teclnologists and using the most sophisticated material and equipment.
A special unit for sleep Medicine, and Sleep-disordered breathing(mainly sleep Apnea) is established in the clinic, under the direction and supervision of Doctors and technologist specialists in the field, using the most appropriate and updated equipment such as polysomnography, Nocturnal EEG monitoring, MSLT, and MWT test .