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Spirometry + Volume + DLCO Tests:

The multiple Battery of non-invasive test performed to diagnose, treat and follow-up patients mainly with asthma, chronic bronchitis-emphysema, interstitial lung diseases and various pulmonary diseases.
Methacoline Provocation Test: The non-invasive, most reliable, accurate and useful test performed to rule in or out "cough variant asthma", a major component of a common health problem called “chronic dry cough”

Prick Test:

The most accurate and reliable skin test at the present time, to diagnose the most common encountered inhaled allergens which may cause allergic rhinitis, asthma and other allergic diseases.


The easiest, most reproducible, most accurate and cost-effective test to diagnose the various possible causes of shortness of breath(dyspnea), the exercise performance and reserve of many airway diseases(such as asthma, chronic bronchitis-emphysema), interstitial lung diseases and most importantly to assess the severity of pulmonary hypertension, follow its natural course and response to treatment.


The Gold-standard test performed to diagnose “Sleep Apnea” and its different types, to assess its severity and to assess the effect and titration of treatment mainly non-invasive ventilation (Auto-CPAP and Auto-BiPAP).

EEG(All night monitoring + video recording):

The most useful test to diagnose Epilepsy when sleep can be the only trigger.

MSLT(Multisleep Latency Test) + MWT(Maintenance of Wakefullness Test):

The 2 most accurate tests performed during the day to diagnose Narcolepsy-Cataplexy and all other Types of excessive daytime sleepness.

Tobacco Cessation:

Smoking cessation programs are at the present time well developed and recommended for helping heavy smokers to quit smoking. Our clinic is dedicated to this group of people who are strongly willing to quit smoking to be consulted in our clinic and followed on regular basis.